Baroness Claims 'large number of items' Have Gone Missing From Chiswick Home

Whilst her former housekeeper Loloahi Tapui hires MaX Clifford to help her tell her side of the story

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The latest twist in the tale of the Baroness and the housekeeper has seen Lady Scotland claim she is unable to find "a large number of items" in her Chiswick home and her former employee Loloahi Tapui do what every self respecting illegal immigrant would do in her circumstances and hire Max Clifford as her PR.

According to The Sun, Baroness Scotland called the Police after she discovered several valuable items had vanished from her home.

The revelation comes hot on the heals of the arrest of her former housekeeper, Loloahi Tapui, and a man believed to be her husband by police and UK Border Agency staff over alleged immigration offences.

Ms Tapui is hoping to sell her story to a Sunday newspaper for £100,000 according to the newspaper report which also says that she has hired Max Clifford as her publicist. It is believed her version of events will cast doubt on claims she used forged papers to secure her job with the Attorney General.

Ms. Tapui, came to this country from her native Tonga on a student visa six years ago. She married Alexander Zivancevic, a Serbian born solicitor, two and a half years ago. They live together in a mansion block flat near the High Road and are reported to be regularly attendees at services at Christ Church on Turnham Green

She applied for an extension to her visa in 2004 but this was turned down and she was ordered to leave. She continued to work in the country firstly in a restaurant and then as a cleaner. She was employed by Baroness Scotland six months ago.

The Attorney General was fined £5,000 earlier this week under legislation on the employment of illegal immigrants that she piloted through Parliament.

She has resisted pressure to stand down saying that the breach was an oversight equivalent to forgetting to pay the congestion charge.

No arrests have been made over the missing items from the Baroness' home.

September 26, 2009