Chiswick based Charity seeks Volunteers

Chiswick Based ‘Emotional – Leap’ is a national charity set up in the UK this year to assist anyone who has unsuccessfully undergone any fertility treatment and to be a support when ending treatment.

The time between ending fertility treatment, for whatever reason, and deciding which way to go, may it be to remain childless or to look into adoption, can be both raw and emotional. Surprisingly this is the first national charity to help people stuck in this period of their lives. This time period is where support is needed most but sadly most people suffer silently or rely on friends and family to support them.

The founders of Emotional - Leap and all members have been through the whole process of unsuccessful fertility treatments at various clinics and all have successfully moved on to either decide to be childless or in most case’s gone on to adopt.

Once the strength has been found to finally decide to quit fertility treatment (and it is one of the biggest decision's in any person’s life) Emotional -Leap’s core aim is to be available to people until they find they may once again laugh among their friends and family.

This important charity desperately needs volunteers to undertake admin duties, speak to the press and help update their website. They are unable to pay salary or expenses, but it is local with hours to suit and it is both rewarding and social.

March 5, 2003

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