Matthew Kelly cleared of child sex allegations

TV presenter released without charge but cautioned over possession of Class A drugs

"I was always confident my name would be cleared in due course."
Television presenter Matthew Kelly has been told by police that he will not be charged as a result of their investigations. He had been due to answer bail next month concerning allegations of sexual abuse but Surrey Police called him in early to inform him that there was no evidence to proceed against him.

But Mr Kelly was cautioned after detectives found a small quantity of Class A drugs during a search of his Chiswick home.

A married father of two who lives in Chiswick, he had vehemently denied allegations of sexual abuse against young boys in the 1970s saying that his arrest last month came 'as a complete shock and surprise'.

Speaking outside Staines police station Mr Kelly said: "After an extensive and thorough police investigation, which included inquiries abroad, it is clear there is no truth in the single allegation that was made against me. I strenuously denied the allegation when interviewed by the police and have given them all possible assistance with the investigation they were under a duty to carry out."

He spoke of the anxious and upsetting time that the episode had been for him and his family not least because of the press coverage at the time at his arrest. However he said, "I was always confident my name would be cleared in due course."

He apologised to his family and members of the public over the drugs which he said were for his personal and occasional use only. He recognised that this was both illegal and foolish and hoped that people wouldn't feel let down.

Matthew Kelly has been an active member of the local community including helping out with the campaign against the Pinnacle development.

February 24, 2003

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