Local Company takes on Telecom Giant

Chiswick-based telecoms company goes into battle with Orange over phone charges

A David vs. Goliath struggle is in prospect as a local telecoms company is taking on one of the mobile phone giants claiming that it is illegally charging premium rates.

Easy-dial Limited has been operating since 1995 and has branched out from providing phone cards to offering cheaper access to a range of international and domestic services. One such product allowed customers to dial an access number which would result in them only being charged 15p per minute for calls to mobiles. Orange, owned by France Telecom, has started charging 50p per minute for calls to the access number

A company spokesman said that they had already been in talks with OFTEL the telecoms regulator over the issue and encouraged people to complain to OFTEL and other trading standards bodies if they felt they had been overcharged. He added, "I cannot believe that a company running a Public Telephone Network should be allowed to put any charge they like on number ranges with defined user prices and introduced by the regulator."

Any Easy-Dial customers who have been overcharged by Orange in this way will be given up to £10 free credit on an Easy-Dial call account regardless of whether or not Orange agree to give a refund.

If you have been overcharged get Easy-Dial would like to hear from you. More submissions from individuals will help their case with OFTEL. Their contact details are:

easy-dial Limited.
P.O.Box 8213, Chiswick, London, W4 3WR
Customer Services Telephone No: 0870 1 20 20 33 (option 4)
email: info@easy-dial.com

February 21, 2003

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