How Did You Do in the W4 Quiz of The Year?

The definitive test of how Chiswick are you


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Well done to everyone who answered all the questions in our quiz correctly. The lucky winners will receive a life time's subscription to the newsletter.

For anyone who didn't manage to answer all the questions they are given below.

Which Chiswick resident went Hasselhoff in North Devon?

This man did not visit Chiswick in 2015

1) Which Chiswick Church managed to get a large extension without planning permission (briefly)?

St Alban's Church on Acton Green was given the CGI treatment in an episode of the BBC series New Tricks broadcast in August.

St Alban's Church, Chiswick as it appeared in New Tricks

St Alban's Church, Chiswick as it appeared in New Tricks

2) Which Chiswick resident went all Hasselhoff in North Devon?

It was James Cracknell who swam to the rescue of a man and his grandson

3) What reason did beer drinkers in W4 have particular reason to be bitter?

Fuller's pubs are going to stop regularly stocking Chiswick Bitter which is now going 'seasonal'

chiswick bitter

4) This man appealed to the people of Chiswick but it failed to get him to Blackpool. Who is he?

Jeremy Vine made a video appeal for his neighbours to vote for him but it didn't work because he clearly wasn't as good a dancer as the other competitors in Strictly.

5) Who opened the Bedford Park Festival in 2015?

Fergal Keane

6) On which Chiswick road did a parcel bomb explode after being thrown out of a window?

Fielding Road. The final series of Lewis had a number of scenes filmed there including one in which the bomb was thrown out of a house onto the street.

Lewis and Hathaway on Fielding Road

7) Two very well-known Chiswick TV personalities got married in 2015 to people with the same initials. Name the happy couples.

Declan Donnelly married Ali Astall and Clare Balding married Alice Arnold

8) What is the link between a business centre that closed and a café that opened in Chiswick during the year?

Birds. The Swan Centre closed and Sparrow Cafe opened.

9) Which Prime Ministerial hopeful revealed his father used to be a furniture remover in Chiswick?

Ed Milliband revealed this about his father Ralph in a visit to a local constituency during the General Election campaign

10) Who didn’t launch their La Terre des Livres range in Chiswick this April?


La Terre des Livres brand

11) Which Hollywood star was a s-mash when he made a visit to the Tabard this year?

Alan Alda turned up to see a performance of his play Radiance

Alan Alda shares a joke with the cast- Pic Torin Douglas

Alan Alda shares a joke with the cast - Picture: Torin Douglas

12) Which ‘superwoman’ flew from Chiswick to Clapham?

Nicola Horlick abandoned her plans to open a restaurant in Chiswick in favour of an Oyster Bar south of the river

13) Which local vicarage was used as a location for the film ‘The Theory of Everything’?

St. Paul's Church

14) Why was it very bad news for Chiswick when a cephalopod mollusc was replaced by a hat?

The comparatively tiny Octopus development at Chiswick Roundabout was replaced by the 32 storey Tricorn Tower (which has subsequently been named the Chiswick Curve)

15) Why did Hounslow Council tell a Chiswick couple to stick the alteration to their house where the sun doesn't shine?

The long battle over solar panels on a house near Chiswick Mall finally ended this year

How Chiswick are you?

Score 15/15 - you are totally Chiswick, you saw Liberace at the Empire Theatre, bought ice cream at Mylo's and one of your children is called Hogarth

Score 10-14/15 - you are very Chiswick, they know your name in Mackens, you don't get excited when you see Ant and Dec in the street and you can point out the location of every traffic CCTV camera in W4

Score 5-9/15 - trying hard but at some point you are likely to give up and move to Guildford regretting the decision for the rest of your life

Score 0-5 - you actually live in Acton, Brentford or Hammersmith and believed your estate agent when they told you it was 'Chiswick borders'

January 8, 2016

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