Chiswick in the Snow

hogarth statueWednesday January 8th 2003 - for the first time in who knows how many years Chiswick is covered in snow.

Chiswick Snow Wallpaper - a montage of pictures from this day is available for free on Virtual Chiswick Makes a terrific screen saver

If you have any pictures you have taken yourselves please do send them to us to add to this collection.

Chiswick Common
Believe it or not this is Chiswick Common
Chiswick High Road
Waiting for opening time at the George IV

Birds wheel around the War Memorial (Courtesy of Virtual Chiswick)

(Courtesy of Virtual Chiswick)
Chiswick Business Park
Chiswick Business Park
Chiswick Business Park lake
The Japanese lake at the Business Park is starting to ice over - a few more days and there could be skating

St. Michaels Chiswick
St. Michael's Church in Bedford Park

Chiswick High Road
Even the High Road looks a bit festive

Chiswick War Memorial

More pictures of Chiswick in the snow

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South Parade