Our favourite local duo to stay put

Ant and Dec have pledged their future to W4 and revealed that, for one of them at least, the terrific schools in the area might be part of the attraction.

In a recent interview, the two men were asked if they were considering moving to huge mansions in Bucks now they had been so successful. In a heart-warming vote of confidence, Dec answered 'Not at all. We love leafy Chiswick.' A case of I'm a Celebrity, Don't Get Me Out of Here (groan).

Both Ant and Dec are relatively unique in that they receive very little bad press. They claim it is because they are good to work with and have made a conscious decision not to behave badly after seeing other presenters let their celebrity go to their heads.

Refreshingly, Ant and Dec confess to being regular pub goers and exercise only to work off the beer. This would account for the many sightings of them in local drinking holes (and rather fewer in a local gym).

They both appear very happy in their long term relationships although Dec does confess that he and his girlfriend have had some short separations over the years. However he has revealed that he can't wait to start having children so the local NCT may soon have some new members.

So once again, Chiswick is THE place to live, as recommended by countless luminaries.

Ant and Dec, are in a new series of Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway this Saturday, January 11th on ITV at 7:00. If you haven't managed to catch a glimpse of them round and about in the neighbourhood, this is your chance to have a stare at the triple award winning pair.

January 10, 2003

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