Wanted: Young Film Makers!

BPF Shorts' 'West London Life' is a new competition for those aged 12-18

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The 45th Bedford Park Festival


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Could you make a short film or have you made
one recently and you’re aged between 12-18? Then why don’t you enter BPF Shorts?

This is the first year of the Bedford Park Festival ‘Short Film’ Competition with the theme WEST LONDON LIFE


1st Prize - CANON 550 D shoots full HD video
2nd & 3rd Prizes - Work Experience in the Film Industry


-Colin Firth / Actor [ Oscar Winner ]
-Kevin McNally / Actor
-Jim Gillespie / Hollywood Director
-Charlie Phillips / Viral Director

Check out www.bpfshorts.co.uk for the details

The competition is being organised by Chiswick resident Kelvin Murray who made this film of last year's Green Days.

June 11, 2011