BPF Shorts Gets Phenomenal Response

Picking just one winner from 54 entrants impossible task for judges

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Kevin McNally (left) presented the prizes this Saturday

BPF Shorts


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A phenomenal response to the BPF Shorts, West London's Short Film Competition, gave the judges a near impossible task in determining which films were going to be rewarded at the ceremony in Chiswick this Saturday.

Competition organiser Kelvin Murray said, "The 54 films that were entered into this the first year of BPF shorts are remarkable. They’d be remarkable if they’d been entered by older people with more experience in film making but that they were entered by people aged 12- 18 is fantastic and is testament to the pool of talent we have here in West London."

In the end the judges including Colin Firth, Kevin McNally, Jim Gillespie and Charlie Philips decided that there should be two joint overall winners. The top prize went to Alicia Abu Jaber for 'For those who would rather not walk' and Karl Russell and Charlotte Tierney for 'Karma'.

Kevin described Karma as, "a well-crafted piece of edgy drama that carefully lures you in before shocking you. It is haunting and emotionally expressive. A really strong film with natural and believable performances."

Of 'For those who would rather not walk' he said, "We all loved this film because it showed such a passion for its subject. It is also very interestingly shot and composed, with a lovely use of music. "

View the Two Main Prize Winners

FILM 26. from Kelvin Murray on Vimeo.

FILM 34. KARMA from Kelvin Murray on Vimeo.


Other films received special mention including 14 to Warren Street, by Sophia Wigg an imaginative, action-packed drama, based on Pirates of the Caribbean. When Kevin McNally saw it he joked it was a "Good story, told with great energy, and it made more sense than at least two of the originals!"

The competition is set to become an annual event with BPF Shorts web site now functioning as a resource to help young filmmakers in West London.

Kevin McNally told the packed hall at St. Michael's, "We look forward to seeing you next year, and most importantly, to seeing all the films that you are going to make."

1. Winner Best Film

For those who would rather not walk

By Alicia Abu Jaber

Prize: Canon 550D and lens

2. Winner Best Film


By Karl Russell and Charlotte Tierney, aged 17

Prize: Day on set at Mind’s Eye Production Company

Other prize winners

Winner: Urban Fugitive by Robbie Littlejohns, aged 14

Prize: Half day editing tutorial with Guy Hellier

Winner: Entrapped by Lauren Templeton, aged 17

Prize: Half day session at WAM post-production services

Winner: Life-Chiswick Leaves by Jacob Porritt

Prize: Half day editing tutorial with Jonathan Tyrell

Commendation: West London Life by Luisa Charles

Prize: National Film and Television School visit

Commendation: Life is a Race

By Charlie Williams and Forrest Stevenson, aged 15

Prize: National Film and Television School visit

Commendation: Foot

Hector Gifford and Oscar Stooke, aged 17

Prize: National Film and Television School visit

Commendation: Letting Go

Jack Davies and Giles Collee, aged 13

Prize: National Film and Television School visit

All winners and commended filmmakers win a visit to the National Film & Television School arranged by BPF Shorts later this year.

Special Mentions

Finally, the following films were felt to deserve special mention by the jury.

‘West London Life is…’ by Anne McGrane, aged 14

‘Paradiddle’ by Jonathon Smith, aged 16

‘Kiss The Girl’ by Ciara Pignatelli, aged 17

‘Chiswick by Bike’ by Flora Stirling, aged 13

‘West London Life’ by Joe Spence, aged 14.

‘14 to Warren Street’ by Sophia Wigg, aged 14

‘ West London Life’ by Katie Wyman (16), Ethan Hawkins (15) and Chris Shaw (14)


July 1, 2011