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CHOW Sets Out New Protocol for Dog Walkers

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CHOW- Chiswick House Organised Dog Walkers -was set up in 2006 by a group of local dog owners who regularly exercise their pets in the grounds of Chiswick House in response to proposals outlined by the CHG Trust in their bid to obtain Heritage Lottery funding for the redevelopment and restoration of the House and Gardens.

CHOW has a mandate from dog owners to represent them in their desire to continue enjoying the Grounds whilst recognising the needs of the redevelopment and other users.

In line with this CHOW has been in discussion with the CHF Trust regarding the continued enjoyment of the Grounds by dog owners during and after the redevelopment and good progress is being made.

Consequently a "Protocol for Dog Walkers" has been agreed between CHOW and the CHG Project Team and guidelines are placed at all the entrances to the park.

A summary of the current agreed position on dog walking in Chiswick House Gardens is that:

  • Dogs owners/walkers should obey the Code of Conduct in support of existing byelaws and legislation
  • Dogs have the right to roam off lead, except in the following areas: The Italian Garden, The Amphitheatre, the Dandelion Centre, the Playground, The Cricket Wicket area fenced off, the Lake and any areas fenced off during project works.
  • On lead areas for dogs: the Café Area and Cricket Pitch area when an authorised game is in progress.
  • Additionally, recognising the need to provide a separate Picnic Area, CHOW originally suggested the sloping lawn at the side of the House but this could alternatively be the area between the bridge and the Temple. Whichever of the two areas is chosen, it would be a no-go area for dogs in the summer months and would be fenced/marked off accordingly.
  • Recognising the need to utilise a lawn area for sports or other revenue purposes, a fenced area of the Hockey Pitch will be a no-go area for dogs.
  • Whilst project work is in progress there may be additional fenced off areas that will also be No-Go areas for dogs.
  • The new café will include a covered area outside for the use of dog owners and their dogs that would be kept on lead in this area.
  • With the above exceptions, dog owners would not be constrained by times, dates or seasons from their enjoyment of the Gardens in walking with their dogs off lead.
  • Under the above conditions members of CHOW will continue informally to assist in policing the gardens, reporting problems and generally assisting other users or the management as required.
  • Dogs should be under your control and return when called or be kept on a lead. This is in the best interests of your dog, other site users and the wildlife in the Gardens.
  • All park users are entitled to enjoy Chiswick House & Gardens and dog owners should remember that not everyone is confident around dogs. Please do not allow your dog to chase, bark or otherwise disturb people in the Gardens. Some children or less mobile park users may be particularly alarmed if a dog, or group of dogs, comes up to them.
  • Many dogs are lost on site each year, distressing both dogs and owners. If your dog is not wearing a collar and identity tag it may hamper efforts to reunite you quickly; we may have to pass the dog on to the Police or a Dog Warden.If you lose your dog, please call 020 8742 3905 so we can let you know if it is found or seen within the Grounds.
  • Clear Up After Your Dog, think about the other people who walk, play and work here and "pick up" in the woods as well as on the paths and open areas.

May 30, 2007