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Chiswick House Friends have announced the launch of their new website for members and the wider public interested in Chiswick House and Gardens.

The site will provide updates on Friends’ projects, activities and events in the house and gardens as well as regular news on their involvement and the progress of the Heritage Lottery bid. It is hoped that this will provide a valuable tool for local people to voice their opinions on these key developments.

George Nissen, Chairman of the Friends explains “This is an important time for Chiswick House with the opportunities afforded by Heritage Lottery funding. The local community in Chiswick are very passionate about this area and want to be consulted in how the monies are spent. The Friends provide an important communication channel to the Chiswick House and Gardens Trust so that opinions are effectively conveyed. We hope our new website will help this process and allow us to keep people informed about this and other issues in a more dynamic way”

News of the many other groups and organisations that use the Gardens for regular activities will form part of the site too, with links to their own websites, such as Parkwatch, the Kitchen Garden Association, CHOW (the dog walkers association) and the Dandelion drop-in playgroup.

A full and detailed history of the House and Gardens on the site will be useful to schools and for those who are interested in the background of this notable part of West London.

The Friends are always looking for volunteers to support their activities and events. The new site will provide news on how people may get involved in this and other volunteer groups such as the Goosefoot gardening team and guides for the house itself.

Past copies of Friends’ newsletters and key papers and documentation relating to key issues will be published here for wider community access and information.

An on-line shop will offer postcards, Christmas cards later in the year, and a growing range of similar items will be added over time. All proceeds of these goods go towards the fund which the Friends maintain for helping support the House and Gardens.

May 30, 2007