'Trespassing Vandals' In Chiswick House Grounds

Believed to be visitors frustrated that much of grounds are closed to public

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As regular visitors to Chiswick House will be aware, much of the grounds are temporarily closed to the public whilst renovation work is carried out.

However, according to the Trust's Director, Sarah Finch-Crisp, a minority of regular garden visitors determined to enter parts of the park which are currently closed are damaging, deliberately unclipping and pushing over barriers.

"This is not only causing unnecessary additional expense to the project, it is also a public safety concern as areas closed to the public are designated construction sites." Sarah told ChiswickW4.com.

She continued, "Trust staff would be extremely grateful if members of the public could discourage anyone they see trying to gain access to closed areas of the park and/or report incidents to the Trust office Tel. 0208 742 3905. There are regular project tours for all those interested in seeing the works that are taking place."

From January to March the public car park off the A4 will be closed for refurbishment and all the gardens on the House side of the river, including the sunken paths in the wilderness, will be closed.

"This is the most intensive period of landscape works and the Trust is grateful to all park users for their patience and understanding during this very busy time."

December 12, 2008