Hoot Petition Presented To Councillor

Campaign against development continues


Councillor Gary Malcolm accepts a petition from Jan Hewlett of HOOT, the group which is campaigning against the development at Colonial Drive by Blackstone.



The petition is asking Ealing Council to block the development at Colonial Drive which Hoot, which stands for 'Hands Off Our Triangle', believes will have a detrimental impact on the Gunnersbury Triangle Nature Reserve.



HOOT is asking for an environmental impact assessment of the development on the nature reserve (as recommended by Natural England) before any planning decision is made.



They also want the buffer zone between the development and the reserve to be no less than 15m and planted with native species and the height of the buildings to be no more than the highest buildings on the present site and preferably in scale with the tallest trees in the woodland.






So far over 1,200 people have signed the petition but there is still room for more, HOOT is aiming for at least 1,500 signatures. You can visit the HOOT Official Website here.


May 4, 2012