There's A Quirky Charm Lurking in The Drunken City

Penny Flood enjoys a classy production at the Tabard Theatre

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Funny, quirky and charming is how I would describe this new production at the Tabard.

Three girl friends, Linda (Kristina Epenetos), Marnie (Sarah Roy) and Melissa (Tanya Lattul) barely out of their teens are flashing diamond rings. Golly gosh they're engaged and they have to go to town to celebrate. The town is New York, clever lighting and visual effects move the scenes from the suburbs to the city and back, via a church at one point.


Marnie is the first to set a date so off they go for her batchelorette party. She's getting married, the other two are going to be her bridesmaids and they're sooooo excited. OMG they've even got the dresses.

But as the alcohol flows and the night drags on things start to unravel and nothing is a clear cut as it seemed at the start. Cracks begin to appear in the sisterhood, then a chance meeting with two good looking guys Frank (Josh Hayes) and Eddie (Michael Walters) sends things spinning off in a very different direction. So the girls, very drunk by now, call their friend Bob (Max Wilson) to get them home. Bob's a gentle softly spoken guy who looks as if he wouldn't say boo to a goose, but appearances can be deceptive.


It's a very clever, classy, watchable production with a very high standard of acting and slick direction. When it premiered in New York in 2008 it received an Outer Critics nomination for Outstanding New Off-Broadway Play, so I'd say we're jolly lucky that it's come to Chiswick.
Unfortunately it's got a very short run and it's only on until 5th December so if you want to see it get your skates on.

And don't forget to quote when you book to get a £2 discount off the ticket price.

November 27, 2015