Buddhism for Beginners

An eight week course at the London Buddhist Vihara

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A new 8 week course entitled Buddhism for Beginners will be starting at the London Buddhist Vihara, The Avenue, Chiswick, W4 1UD on 14th January.

14th January - Pre Buddhist History
The Life of the Buddha
Sources of knowledge (Pali Canon.)

21st January - The First Noble Truth
The Second Noble Truth

28th January - The Third Noble Truth
The Ten Fetters (Dasa Sanyojana)

4th February - The Fourth Noble Truth

11th February - The Law of Kamma
Natural laws, Process of Cognition

18th February - The Wheel of Life (Paticca Samuppada)
The Three Characteristics of Existence

25th February - The Blessings for Life

4th March - Goals and Methods of Meditation (Bhavana)

The tutor is Richard Jones. To join just enrol at the class on first day of attendance.o charge is made for these courses although a donation is welcome. Everyone is welcome to attend.

London Buddhist Vihara, Dharmapala Building, The Avenue, W4 1UD
Tel: 0208 995 9493

December 18, 2012

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