Donations sought for Christmas lights

Residents and businesses asked to give money to pay for seasonal decorations


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Chiswick’s businesses and residents are being urged to support the Chiswick Business Association in bringing lights to Chiswick High Road this year by contributing to a special fund set up specifically for Christmas lights along the High Road. The business association aims to set up four cross-street lights in the centre of Chiswick for Christmas 2003 and develop more lights in future years.

Local businesses and residents can donate to the Christmas cause by paying into the account directly, or by making donations through some of the business association’s committee members.

The setting up of the special lights account follows quickly from the confirmation that local councillors have approved up to £12,000 to cover the cost of installing electrical and support infrastructure for the lights in an area covering the CHR/Turnham Green Terrace/Devonshire Road junction. The infrastructure installation will also provide a base for expansion of the Christmas lights in future years.

The extra money required by the business association is for the running costs which are not covered by the Council grant.

Cole Manson, Chair of the Chiswick Business Association, is enthusiastic about the scheme. He said, “the issue of Christmas lights along the High Road has been dragging on for many years and this year some of the local businesses have decided to push the project forwards. Shoppers like to feel that they are immersed in the Christmas experience and residents want to feel proud with their local community, which is why I hope that local businesses and residents will want to contribute to this exciting project.”

Councillor Paul Lynch, Chair of the Chiswick Area Committee said, “The Area Committee has very limited funds but we consider cost of the infrastructure for the lights an investment in the centre of Chiswick. We want local traders to get a bigger share of Christmas shopping, and the High Road will rival the best that the rest of West London has to offer.”

One local shopkeeper commented to us, "I don't think the public will be too pleased to hear that they are being asked to stump up for the lights. They pay their tax and spend money in our shops so they will effectively be paying three times."

It is not clear whether the lights are dependent on sufficient funds being raised from the public.

September 26, 2003