Mystery River 'Pollution' Revealed To Be Green Dye

Local people at Strand on the Green reported mysterious liquid in the river


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The Environment Agency has investigated reports of a mysterious liquid in the river Thames at Strand on the Green and has said it is a non-toxic dye.

It appears to have come from a school that was having its drains inspected.

Several locals contacted and the Environmental Agency concerned about suspected pollution in the river.

A spokesperson for the Agency said; " We received a number of reports relating to this green substance yesterday and our incident staff and the Port of London Authority attended the site immediately.

"Thames Water and the Environment Agency believe this to be a harmless, non-toxic dye, used to trace drainage connections. Thames Water followed the dye back to a school in Chiswick that was having its drains inspected."

Water quality monitoring was carried out and all results showed normal water quality- the Agency's quality monitoring equipment is close to the spillage and can be seen in the photograph.

June 1, 2016

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