The Hogarth Meadow

Magnificent wild flower display admired by motorists is work of guerilla gardeners

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The much admired meadow in the centre of the A4 carriageway is the work of Tropp 1198 Brita von Schoenaich and friends.

What you see swaying in the breeze of passing traffic is the result of a long fought guerilla gardening campaign, "living proof that the guerilla approach of doing it first then dealing with the consequences of the local authority can pay off in the victory of the right to garden beyond your boundaries", say the people behind the campaign.

This summer, The Old Chiswick Protection Society picked up the challenge and negotiated with Transport for London. All Brita needed to do was have a health and safety training session to learn how to cross the road safely. So the meadow we are all enjoying now is not the result of guerilla gardening but one that exists because of guerilla gardening.

"They don’t just nourish our view, they provide a healthy avenue for wildlife to pass along."

August 2, 2011