World's First 'Immersive' Novel Comes From Chiswick

A new experience in reading combines music, film and photography


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Chiswick writer Alex Moorhouse has invented what he describes as the world's first immersive, cinematic novel.

Writing under the name James Stark, The Frequency Effect combines music, film and photography to give a multi dimensional experience for the reader. The novel starts with a normal 'reading' experience but then the reader becomes immersed in the elements that really bring the experience to life as the reader 'becomes' the main character.

These include virtual reality, social media, and music. There are over a dozen immersive elements and every area of the book has been researched meticulously. It has taken him over four years to complete.

Alex, who grew up in Chiswick, launched his new form of entertainment last month and it has already featured in television interviews including this one on Chiswick Buzz TV where he explains the theory behind the immersive novel.

The plot centres around the character or Ben Cordell, who awakes in unfamilier surroundings. He then uncovers a conspiracy, that technology devices resonate at the same frequency as the human brain. This technology is being used by a sector of society to 'control' the masses. Ben then has to fight to save mankind.

Songs and performances from The Split Lives group capture the emotions and feelings at every stage of his journey and link to the narrative. Music was written by Alex, working with producer Olly White and there is also an album, 'Music Not Fame' which is available to download. The immersive experience also includes a live blog, by a character called Simon, who is Ben's best friend within the novel. There is even a linked Twitter account.

This is the first in a trilogy and Alex says the possibilities for immersive novels are endless.

"It's flabbergasting. Anyone who's been behind the scenes making this has realised that you can have separate and secret story lines in the web locations, that blur the fields with real life."

If you are interested in The Frequency Effect, go to Amazon and download the app, which can be read on any device with the music included.

January 11, 2017

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