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With only days to go before polling day in the local elections on 3 May there appears to be no Labour Party manifesto this year for Chiswick voters to consider.

All the other political parties standing have publicly issued their position on issues of local importance, but, despite asking the local Labour party for its manifesto, so far none has been forthcoming. We have asked Labour to clarify the position and will report back.

Conservatives have claimed that internal party division has prevented a manifesto being agreed and released and they have hinted that Momentum is at the heart of the issue.

Homefields councillor John Todd posted: "When will Labour publish their manifesto?
What influence are the Labour Momentum members, yet to be identified, having on this documents contents?

"The Labour leader is continually promising publication but rumour is that he can't get concensus within his split group and that momentum are in a wrecking mood."

Ealing Labour have issued their 'Manifesto For the Many' . They say: "The manifesto outlines our broad vision and growing ambition for the Borough, even in the most difficult of times. Genuinely affordable homes. A decent living income. Healthy people and thriving neighbourhoods. These are the priorities of the Ealing Labour Party going forward into 2018 and beyond."

Despite the lack of a party manifesto, local candidates have been canvassing hard in the three Chiswick wards, where the issue of the CS9, and Brexit have been two of the top issues encountered on the doorsteps.

The party is hoping that the Green's decision not to field a candidate in Turnham Green ward could give them a fighting chance of getting candidates elected.

In the previous local election in May 2014 the Conservatives won all three seats in Turnham Green ward.

Turnham Green ward - Local Elections May 2014
Name Party Votes Elected

Davies, Samantha Teresa



Thompson, Peter



Lee, Adrian Hughes



Lewin, Andrew Alan



McLoughlin, David



Nathan, Peter David



Gibbons, Sean

Green Party


Gewanter, William Anthony Benjamin

Liberal Democrats



April 30, 2018

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