Council Response On Litter Bins In Homefields Rec

A bin from the playground will be removed to use in the park


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Hounslow Council has responded to residents over the complaints of a lack of litter bins in Homefields Rec North. LBH will now remove a litter bin from the playground and put it into the wider area of the field.

Local people had complained that litter bins were removed from the park and not replaced and that there was a problem with rubbish being thrown around.

The recreation ground has three litter bins inside the playground at the front of the rec near Chiswick Lane, and a litter bin near the entrance, but local people had complained about a lack of bins around the perimeter where people walk and jog. They said Carillion had removed three old bins from the area and they were never replaced.

There are a number of bins for dog waste but people are not allowed to put litter in them.

The Council will now move one litter bin from the playground, and site it within the main part of the field. However LBH denies that litter bins were ever removed in recent years from the north side of Homefield Rec.

Cllr Sachin Gupta, cabinet member for leisure, said today : “There have been no litter bins removed from the north side of Homefield Rec in recent years. There are currently four litter bins in total, three of which are in the playground.  One will be moved from the play area and sited within the main part of the field to meet users’ concerns and help keep the whole park tidy.”

A typical litter bin

A local resident commented that while they were glad the Council had decided to put a bin back into the park it was incorrect of Cllr Gupta to say none had been removed.

"This is not true, as there have been two removed in recent years, one of them only a month or two back." He said that quite a few residents and dog walkers would testify to it and a reference had been made to removal in an email he received from Carillion services.

The residents say they hope the issue can be resolved as soon as possible.

January 9, 2015