Golden Post Box Rower Pete Reed Suffers Spinal Stroke

Friends in fundraising bid to help local resident who won Olympic medal

Golden Post Box Rower Pete Reed Suffers Spinal Stroke
Peter Reed. Picture: British Rowing

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Chiswick resident Pete Reed, who was honoured with a gold post box for his role in the victorious rowing Team GB in the 2012 Olympics, has been struck down with a rare illness.

Last September he suffered a spinal stroke and is facing a lengthy rehabilitation period.

Close friends have come together, spearheaded by former team mate Andrew Triggs Hodge, to raise funds for his recovery.

Royal Mail installed the gold post box just next to Chiswick Town Hall on Heathfield Terrace. He was also honoured with an OBE for his contribution to sport.

Picture of postbox by Mike Abbott

A spinal stroke, believed to be a rare occurrence, particularly in such a young fit person, has left Pete paralysed from the waist down. Former team mate and close friend Andrew Triggs Hodge has written on the fundraising page

'Pete Reed, as most of us know now, had a spinal stroke on the 7 September 2019 that resulted in, over the course of a few hours, the death of a section of his spine in the middle of his back. None could have predicted this incident, as it doesn't happen to fit young people.

'No one is to blame, this is a cruel rare occurrence of nature. The chances of recovering from this are much more remote then contracting it in the first place. The hope of technological solution is an age away. Pete's life has taken an immeasurable change of direction, everything he does is now seen through a new reality.

'At some point in the next few months Pete will leave the care of the NHS. He will start receiving PIP payments from the government which will help him cover the extra day to day costs that the old Pete and those of us with legs won't ever realise. The Royal Navy have supported Pete for a long time and this won't stop now. This also covers a number of bases.

'There are however a number of things that Pete will need to cover, a number of unknown costs that will burden him at times when he might not be equipped to overcome or meet them. Pete is an inspirational guy, he has a lot of good to give to others. This challenge is the largest Pete has ever faced (even including rowing a pair with me). His story will shine a light for many people. But he will need support to meet his challenge - whether he likes it or not. It is this support that will enable him to show others how to meet their own challenges.

'And this is where I can help. I don't want Pete to have to worry about taking door frames out so he can fit his chair into his bedroom, or getting an adapted car so he travel beyond the restriction of public transport.'

chiswick olympic golden post box
Chiswick's Golden Post Box being painted

So far the page has raised over £13,500 towards the cost of helping Pete's rehabilitation.

December 16, 2019