Leading Local Conservative Calls For People's Vote

Brentford & Isleworth chairman Julian Tanner says issue goes above party politics

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The chairman of the Brentford & Isleworth Conservatives, Julian Tanner, has called for support for a People's Vote on Brexit.

Julian tanner

Julian says, "Brexit is probably the single most important decision that will be made in our lives and it is going to deeply affect the careers and prosperity of our children and grandchildren. The referendum in 2016 was based on assumptions and assertions on both sides that have now been shown to be deeply flawed and in some cases totally fraudulent. Before we sleepwalk into a difficult and very uncertain future, the people should have the right to vote on what we now know to be the realities of either remaining or leaving.

"It has been very clear from the doorsteps that many people in Chiswick and the rest of this constituency are very concerned by the prospect of leaving, and "Remain" received a strong vote locally. Likewise, many members of the Conservative Party are also now coming round to the view that a Peoples' Vote is the right way to settle such a momentous decision.

"Theresa May has a done a fantastic job in very difficult circumstances to reach agreement with the EU. But whether you support this agreement, or would prefer to remain or leave on world trade terms, the key issue is that we should be able to vote on the facts that we have in front us now and not on the fantasies promulgated in 2016. Many Conservatives support the People's Vote, and while the leadership does not endorse this it does, in my experience, respect the views of those that do.

"The call for the People's Vote transcends all party political affinity and is a true grass roots movement that brings together people from right across our community. For those that support this democratic right, please sign up on the People's Vote website, write to political leaders and stand up for your beliefs.

"November 30, 2018

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