Red Phone Box Coffee Kiosk In Hot Water

Business in the iconic phone boxes accused of 'blatant disregard' of licensing laws

A barista at the phone coffee kiosk


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The Red Coffee Box, on the corner of Chiswick High Road & Town Hall Avenue, has run into hot water with Hounslow Council enforcement officers and some local businesses.

While some local residents welcomed the idea of bringing the largely abandoned red telephone boxes which are adjacent to each other ' back to life' with a coffee business, some are not so happy.

The Council has received nine representations against the owner Mr. Mustapha Mehmet's application for a temporary street trading licence. The owner wants a table to be placed on the pavement for Coffee, hot and cold drinks and snacks.

The trading hours are Mondays to Saturdays 7:00am to 6:00pm and on Sundays 8:00am to 6:00pm. The table, measuring 1.5 metres in depth by 1.5 metres in width, would be positioned on the public highway directly in front of the phone boxes.

The representations made to the Council about the application for a licence, came from residents and local businesses. One questioned why the applicant was trading before and during the duration of the twenty-eight-day consultation period. Another claimed that granting of a licence could breach the 200-metre rule (the goods to be sold must not replicate those of neighbouring stalls and shops). A local juice bar has opposed the licence.

There were also questions raised about a possible lack in relation to food hygiene requirements and the risk to public health and safety. A ward councillor has also made representations, concerned with the applicant's 'continued breach to the licensing policy.'

A Licensing Enforcement Officer complained of the applicant's 'blatant disregard' to the Licensing Act 1990 and said that he has issued the him with three Fixed Penalty Notice, which have not been paid. A representation has also been submitted by Hounslow Highways, outlining their concerns with the business disposal of waste and the maintenance of the immediate area
around the phone boxes.

The Licensing Panel, which will meet on Thursday, 27 September, can decide to grant the application in part or in full, subject to standard conditions;
(b) to refuse the application; or
(c) to grant the application in part or in full subject to standard conditions and
with extra conditions attached.

We are trying to contact the applicant for comment.

September 20, 2018


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