Hounslow Borough Police are continuing to wage war against the criminal and we are very keen to harness the eyes and ears of the public to assist us.

We have invested in a Ringmaster Computer Messaging System which will telephone/fax/e-mail members of the public with a pre-recorded message whenever a crime has occurred in your area which you may be able to assist us with. The message will contain such information as the time and date of the crime and a description of any relevant suspects or vehicles. This will then be followed by a telephone number for you to contact if you have any information which may assist us.

In addition if there is a particular type of crime happening in your area you will be informed and crime prevention advice given.


How does it work?

Hounslow Borough Police have invested in the system because we believe it will re-establish and consolidate the important partnership between police and community which has been built up over so many years.

Please note that only people who live or work in Hounslow Borough can apply for this service. Click here for an explanation of this restriction.

In order to keep our records accurate please notify us of any changes in personal details

Please call us if you have any information about crime taking place in your area. Below are a number of telephone numbers that may be of use to you.

How to join

The Ringmaster system is FREE of charge and messages can even be left on answerphones if you are out.

Hounslow Borough Police invite you to complete the Ringmaster application form.

Once completed please return to the Freepost address shown on the application form.

Hounslow Borough Police in partnership with the Brentford, Chiswick & Isleworth and Hounslow & Feltham Crime Prevention Panels

Working together for a safer community