Could Lionel Road Stadium Mean Gridlock For Chiswick ?

A week in the life of a local councillor as told by Sam Hearn



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Cllr Sam Hearn who represents the Riverside ward in Chiswick, is chairman of the Chiswick Area Forum. He has written this account of his week as a busy local councillor

Cllr Sam Hearn

Friday 24th July: Attended a social evening run by the International Liberty Association that is closely linked to PMOI a former terrorist organisation that has been at the forefront of the democratic secular resistance first to the Shah and then the theocracy that replaced him. Their main efforts at present appear to be focused on extracting members of their group from “Camp Liberty”, a refugee camp for Iranian political exiles located on the edge of Bagdad’s main Airport. Hard to take in the horrific experiences of several of the brave people that I met some only recently released from the Camp.

Saturday 25th July: Cllr Samantha Davis has forwarded me an email from a resident that raises doubts about Hounslow Highway’s ability to complete its five year plan to upgrade all the road, pavements and lights. This is clearly something that has to be addressed at the next meeting of the Area Forum.

Sunday 26th July: Have received emails from a trustee of the Kew Society and a representative of the Brentford Community Council picking up on comments that I have made elsewhere. According to the White Green study of the traffic implications of the Lionel Road Stadium we can expect very serious traffic delays from day one. If the Commerce Road Bus garage is to be relocated to near Kew Bridge it is possible that local residents will be faced with grid-lock. The resulting pollution will be appalling.

Monday 27th July: Received support from residents for “allowing” the issue of fly tipping on Dukes Meadow to be raised at CAF. I expect a representative from Carillion to be present at the next meeting on 8th September to answer questions like this.

Tuesday 28th July: The crowd funding of the judicial review of the Empire House has been really successful. Another example of how the internet is changing everything.


August 1, 2015


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