Unique Sculpture Stolen From Garden In Chiswick

Reward offered for recovery of the item which is of considerable personal value

stone sculpture stolen i Chiswick from garden


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A Chiswick resident has appealed for help tracing a unique steel sculpture which was stolen from his garden in Bedford Park on Monday night.

Nigel James Mac-Fall, who lives in Bedford House, The Avenue, near the Buddhist Vihara, has offered a £1,000 reward for the sculpture which was of sentimental value to him as it was sculpted for his late wife.

He describes it as "a large and very heavy rusting steel sculpture. The work is formed of two interlinked double discs, each over a metre in diameter and is so heavy it would take at least two people to move it.

"Its scrap value is probably only about £10 yet it has huge personal value, I created it in memory of my late wife and it represents two heads kissing goodbye. There's a reward of £1,000 for its recovery.

"I designed the piece back in 1996 shortly after my wife Shirley died. I made a full size polyboard model which I gave to an engineering company, they managed to cut the steel sheets, roll and weld them together exactly as the model, I was amazed."

The sculpture was on display in the front garden of Nigel's house in Beckenham for several years. Later he married Andrea and moved to Chiswick, the piece came too, and it ended up opposite his studio window in Bedford House.

If anyone has any information please could they contact : nigel@red-studio.co.uk or phone: 020 8994 7770.

Nigel says he has been quite overwhelmed by the response and the generosity of spirit of the chiswickw4 forum to his appeal.

Police have been informed. There is CCTV footage of two men in High Visibility jackets taking the sculpture at 13.40 on Monday October 3rd. One was wearing a light-coloured woolen bobble hat.

The fear is that the piece may be offered for sale for scrap.

October 7, 2016

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