Local School Goes Green For A Day

Staff and pupils at Strand on the Green saved electricity


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Local school
Strand on the Green went green and turned off the electricity for a whole day recently.

Energy monitors made sure that every plug was unplugged and every light off – even office staff did without their computers, hand writing messages and issuing lists in triplicate. The whole school managed without electricity and actually had great fun without computers, whiteboards and lights!

The drop in energy consumption was startling with the total consumption being £1.32 p/h at 9:30am in comparison to the normal average usage of £9.35 p/h. The Year 3 classroom used the least power using only 18.97 kWh in comparison with 30.3 kWh for the same day last year.

Green Day was the idea of the Year 5 children who, earlier in the year, spent a week in Suffolk becoming Earth Watchers and learning to look after their environment. They took the opportunity to earn their final Key from Ringsfield Hall – the S Key. Very fitting as the S stands for Sharing their knowledge as Earth Watchers - and what better way to share their knowledge. The picture shows children den building in the woods at Ringsfield Hall.


July 17, 2013

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