Spring Is In The Air At Chiswick House

Latest news on swans and Egyptian geese goslings


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Dog walkers at Chiswick House Gardens have been taking an interest in the early Spring activites of the birdlife there.

This image of the Egyptian Geese goslings was sent in by a reader.

Pic- Lindsay van der Merwe

Staff have been urging people not to feed bread to the swans. One male swan has suffered a debilitating virus as a result of eating bread fed by members of the public. Happily now that people have obeyed the instruction not to feed the swans, the bird in question has improved. Staff had put up posters alerting people to the dangers posed to the wildlife by unthinking members of the public feeding them.

The bacterial fungus is spread from bread to their beaks and then preened into their plumage. It causes a pink discoloration on the wings which then become brittle and lose their ability to repel water. This can cause the wings to become wet and dangerously icy in frosty weather and the birds can potentially die from hypothermia.

If people wish to help in feeding swans, staff have advised them to purchase the appropriate type of grain from a pet shop.





February 28, 2014

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