Dirty Underpass Angers Local Residents

Say Sutton Court subway should be cleaned more than once a year

gloomy litter strewn subway


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Residents in Sutton Court are irate over what they say is the dirty, litter strewn subway they need to use to cross the A4.

These photographs were sent to to Transport for London, Hounslow Council and Chiswickw4.com to show how bags of rubbish have been dumped inside, dead leaves are building up, and the hedgerow on the south side is also a dumping ground for empty bottles, beer cans, and general rubbish.

The interior of the tunnel is also quite gloomy, the whitewashed walls are dark with mould and general graffiti is evident.

One resident commented: "I was told back in July that the subway is cleaned once a year - this is obviously not enough, and surely once a month would not be difficult? As a long-term Chiswick resident who uses this subway every day to walk from my flat in Sutton Court to the High Street, this really isn't a pleasant place to walk though. TfL confirmed that the subway was cleaned once a year.

"On request, we are also responsible for the removal of any large items that might be dumped in the subway or when there is a serious sanitation issue.

"However, as we explained in July, any regular litter clearing or removal of dead leaves within the subway would be the responsibility for the local borough under the Environmental Protection Act. "

The resident says he has emailed the relevant Hounslow Council department and there has as yet been no response.

If anyone has any suggestions on what can be done to improve matters do email us at editor@chiswickw4.com.

December 4, 2018

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