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Address: 66, Chiswick High Rd, London W4 1SY, United Kingdom

Telephone number: (0)2089945834



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BRICKOVEN Milano, one of Milan’s most popular restaurant chains has arrived in London. The site for this first restaurant is on Chiswick High Rd.

Brickoven Milano was founded in 1997 by Marco Montorfano. Marco hails from a long line of Milanese entrepreneurs and inherited the business from his grandfather Giacomo. Marco has two principal visions for Brickoven Milano: to deliver quality and excellence in a very competitive field. Brickoven Milano is among the first restaurant companiesin Milan that provides a specific menu to cater for food intolerances. Marco’s philosophy is based on respect for the produce and the experience, which means that they use the freshest ingredients and deliver high quality service, much of this is achieved through extensive training and professional development of staff.

One of the main specialties of Brickoven is the oval pizza. ‘It is very thin and fragrant, this is as a consequence of a special dough mixture made without yeast’ – says Marco. Organic products also feature heavily in the preparation of the dishes; grains like kamut, spelt, corn, quinoa, barley and rice have also been introduced. Kamut is a cereal used by the ancient Egyptians in the preparation of bread and is used for its low gluten content. This means that all diners, regardless of intolerances, can enjoy healthy and delicious pasta and pizza.

The choice of Chiswick for the first Brickoven Milano outside of Italy is due a preference to be located in a residential area, where families can afford to eat agood and healthy meal without breaking the bank!

Brickoven Milano, Chiswick is divided into three different areas: the main restaurant, the cafe and the children’s area. Chiswick locals can enjoy lunch or dinner at the modern decorated restaurant area and choose from a variety of high quality choices from the extensive menu including superb grilled meats as well as pizza. The café lounge provides a stylish Milanese alternative to the ubiquitous hectic high street chains. Marco is proud be one of the only venues in London to serve the original Italian Hausbrandt HH coffee, served the ‘Italian way’ and at ‘Italian prices’. The children’s area is a safe indoor playground where kids can escape the boredom of the dining table and can enjoy a variety of toys and games. In addition there are clever iPads, with a link to the camera in the children’s area, meaning parents can keep an eye on youngsters from anywhere in the restaurant.




January 6, 2012