LA Menswear Celebrates 20th Birthday

Charlotte's Bistro throws party for his business neighbours in honour of the occasion

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LA Menswear
11Turnham Green Terrace
020 8995 4609

Charlotte’s Bistro

Eating out in Chiswick


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Alex Wreathman of Charlottes Bistro in threw a party for Lionel Avery of LA Menswear to celebrate his 20th anniversary of trading in Turnham Green Terrace.

The picture on the right shows Lionel with his neighbours Simon and Nadine of Marmalade Jewellers. Amongst the other guests were Turnham Green Terrace's Dan Mortimer and Rodney Macken and former trader Tiffany of Something Nice.

Speaking about the longevity if his business and the celebration Lionel said:  "My secret to staying in business is buying discounted stock and passing the discounts on rather than going for high margins. The people of Chiswick are great - so many of them would rather back a local independent,rather than go up to london or shop at the multiples."

"The party was great, we had a lovely mix of local traders and our customers and it felt like a village party. Charlotte`s bistro gave us some superb food and his prosecco hit the spot."

August 9, 2011