Celebrate at Chiswick House Conservatory

And get a complimentary case of champagne

Chiswick House Conservatory
Summer Sunday Soirée

Sunday 3rd July 6.30pm until 8.30pm
£22.00 per person
Call 0208 341 5384 for details or book online at www.chgt.org.uk

Contact our events team on 0758 422 8034
www.chiswickhousecafe.co.uk or http://www.chgt.org.uk/


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The Chiswick House Conservatory provides a charming venue for evening cocktail receptions and celebrations for up to 120 guests. Enjoy Champagne and cocktails under the striking glass dome of the Conservatory whilst enjoying the impressive views of the Italian Garden for an unforgettable experience.

Book the Chiswick House Conservatory for an evening soirée and we’ll offer you a complimentary case of Champagne to offer guests as they arrive*

*Terms and conditions apply

And get a taster of the venue by attending our Chiswick House Conservatory Summer Sunday Soirée on 3rd July. As part of the Savour Chiswick Festival, join us in the newly restored Chiswick House Conservatory and Kitchen Garden
for a summer evening of cocktails, canapés and a unique food demonstration.

Watch Company of Cooks chefs Jens Nisson making potato, rosemary and onion bread using ingredients from the Kitchen Garden.


June 27, 2011