Sam Wants Al Fresco Dining In Chiswick

Launches petition to pedestrianise Barley Mow Passage

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A campaign to pedestrianise the Barley Mow Passage area for the summer months has been launched by Sam Harrison, owner of Sam’s Bar and Brasserie.

The well-known restaurant owner is hoping to bring a continental feel to the area by having tables and chairs outside, serving lunch and early evening dinners when the area is closed to traffic.

He has now launched a petition on the Hounslow Council website and wants local people in Chiswick to join him in his campaign. The new Japanese restaurant, Chisou, which is nearby, is also in favour of the plan.

Local MP Mary Macleod has also visited the area to see for herself what he has in mind.

“I’ve wanted to do this for about seven years, but it has never happened for a number of reasons. However I think it would add to the atmosphere of the area, and we are willing to work with local businesses and residents on the matter” said Sam.

The road has very little traffic and already has a pedestrianised feel to it, he says, but they would need for formalise set times in order for it to be feasible.

A consultation was carried out in May last year, but Sam says the matter needs further discussion and clarification. He has suggested trading would finish at 10.30 p.m. or even earlier,and if necessary, he would only use the outdoor area at weekends.

"We are fully aware of the access requirements of local residents & businesses and feel that a solution can be found to work for all" , according to the message on the council website outlining the reasons for the petition.

Sam Harrison

The statement adds :"It would add real value to this part of Chiswick and make it a focal point for outside dining in a safe and attractive environment. This would also only be for six months of the year- April to September".

The link to the petition is:

April 20, 2012