Barley Mow Al Fresco Dining Postponed

Local councillors will not debate the issue until July

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The plan for local councillors to discuss pedestrianising Barley Mow Passage has been postponed.

Local restaurant owner Sam Harrison, who is spearheading the move, said he is very disappointed the item has been deferred to the July meeting of the Chiswick Area Committee and claims it will mean he will miss out on potential summer trade.

However, those opposing the move say that the Council is “finally listening to their side of the story” and they welcome the extra time given to the matter.

Councillors were due to hear a report from a council official at last Wednesday night's meeting of the Chiswick Area Committee and it was included on the agenda.

But a Council spokesman said that discussing the item had to be postponed due to a problem relating to the on-line petitions on the Council’s website.

The first petition was set up by Sam Harrison, proposing part-time pedestrianisation, as being good for traders and introducing a Continental feel to the area. The second petition, representing some local residents, opposed it on the grounds that it would cause extra noise and inconvenience to them.

The Council spokesman said that the reason for the postponement was that the report by the official had been finished prior to the ending of the on-line petitions.

“The report has been deferred as the e-petitions closed after the report was written.

“It’s important everyone who has expressed an opinion’s view is taken into account, so councillors will discuss it at the next available meeting in July.”

Both petitions have now ended.

But Sam Harrison, of Sam’s Brasserie and Bar, criticised the delay and said;

“If local councils don't do more to help local businesses, we won't have any left.”

Loraine Pemberton, who is opposed to the plan, said she and her supporters feel they are finally being heard by the Council.

“We don’t feel we received adequate consultation, and now it’s obvious that the Council has realised that our group of local residents and businesses have a right to have their objections heard.”

The item is now due to be discussed at the July 10th meeting of the Chiswick Area Council.

Sam Harrison


Local resident Loraine Pemberton, who opposes part-time pedestrianistion, standing near her home

May 23, 2012