Back To The Beginning

Crown and Anchor makes a refreshing return to being a High Street pub

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So many places attempt comprehensive catering - coffee in the mornings, gastronomic treats for lunch, cocktails in the evening etc etc but I’m yet to find somewhere that manages this; it’s impossible to be everything to everyone.

Which is why the Crown and Anchor’s decision to go back to its origins is so refreshing. That’s not to say that they’ve re-laid the old carpets and brought back the snooker table but the new management does appear to have got the balance between a pub for drinking and a pleasant place to dine just right.

Although the recent makeover left more than a nod to the former Shack style, it’s been toned down significantly leaving an interior that’s both tasteful and relaxing and an exterior that advertises precisely what it is – a pub.

For those with an interest in the history of the public house*, the wide proliferation of such establishments on our high streets can be, in part, traced back to the introduction of Gin to England by the Dutch in 1688.

The drinking of Gin soon became a widespread phenomenon, referred to as 'the gin craze'. The drinking of gin which was as much as two times stronger than the gin we now drink, was so popular amongst poorer peoples that for a meagre sum a rag soaked in gin could be bought to suck on by a patron who couldn't afford a whole glass of gin!

Ale and Beer producers counteracted the popularity of gin by aggressively marketing ale, and producing more ale houses. Drinking reached epidemic proportions, and the strength of gin led to poor physical and mental health and an increase in crime and disorderly behaviour. So there you have it – not just housewives’ ruin!

As well as a wide range of beer and a very decent gin and tonic, The Crown and Anchor has a variety of food and social offerings including:

Express Lunch
Whether it’s a working lunch, quick escape from the office, a catch up with friends or just a rumbly tummy – these dishes won't break the bank at £6.50 a dish

Happy Hours
2-4-1 Cocktails
Mojitos to Martinis & Margarita – or sip on a wonderfully unique Chiswick Sling.
Monday – Friday 5pm – 7pm

Quiz Night
Every Tuesday test your brain power against the other teams and enjoy a delicious home-cooked dish to fire you up for the questions.

1st Prize – All money collected from team entries
2nd Prize – We award a bottle of Red or White

Quiz starts 8.15pm prompt
£1 per team member – maximum team size of 6

Offers may be withdrawn at anytime and without prior notice.

Emma Brophy

* Source

May 11, 2009