Who would have thought that Fruit and Veg could be so interesting?

We meet one of Chiswick's food heroes Andreas Georghiou


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Andreas Georghiou outside his Turnham Green Terrace shop

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Eating out in Chiswick


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The fine weather and general buzz in Chiswick’s foodie community has meant that what is traditionally a quiet period has in fact been quite the opposite. 

With new restaurants opening, others celebrating fabulous first year’s and more Local Food Hero nominees than you can shake a stick at, Chiswick is fast becoming the place for enlightened gastronomes to eat and shop.


But what of those who were providing the community with fruit and veg long before the culinary renaissance began?  I had the pleasure of meeting one such stalwart of Chiswick’s independent traders (and one of a tiny handful of grocers to make the cut as a Food Hero nominee) Andreas Georghiou to find out what sets him apart from the average fruit and veg man.


Andreas Georghiou & Co. has been serving Chiswick and the wider London community for 11 years from the site at 35 Turnham Green Terrace, a location which has been a greengrocer’s for over 100 years. Cutting his grocer's teeth as a young boy at family business Adamou & Sons, Andreas is nothing if not an innovator.  Produce never before seen in British shops, let alone these shores has, as a result of his continued and dedicated sourcing throughout Europe, now become standard fayre for food industry professionals and the more gastronomically progressive of West London.

Andreas maintains an impressive range of top-end, quality fruit and vegetables that ensures both acclaimed restaurants - notably
High Road House, La Trompette, The Devonshire House, Fish Hook, and Le Vacherin - and food-loving customers are kept happy.


From the Company’s inception Andreas’ (aided by his trusted no 2 Darren) idea has been to radically change the perception of what a small independent greengrocer can provide, taking the recent public interest in good food and the renewed interest in the food industry as a cue for the creation of a high quality service for all clients.

Andreas prides himself on the quality of produce carefully selected for his customers.  “All produce is chosen from the best possible tried and trusted sources, with each individual item being carefully selected for taste traceability; thus ensuring it conforms to the British Farming Standard or its European Union equivalent.”

”All our organic produce is produced on and sourced from Sunnyfields Organic Farm: a producer and processor certified organic by the Soil Association since 1987. It has taken ten years of dedicated research and development to reach the present level of excellence and expertise. We intend to continue striving to bring you the best produce available; or nothing at all.”


Andreas Georghiou, along with his his Turnham Green Terrace neighbours Mortimer & Bennett, Covent Garden Fishmongers, Macken Brothers, Theobrama Cacao and Foubert’s, has been chosen to participate in UKTV’s search for 'Local Food Heroes'.


“Please help us to be up there with the best by registering with them and supporting us on their website at UKTV Food. Many thanks from all of us at Andreas Georghiou & Co!” he said.



Emma Brophy

August 9, 2006