Magnificent Mocha, Luscious Latte or an Amazing Americana?

Coffee Lovers Reveal Who Makes The Best Cup in Chiswick

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After a deluge of suggestions, recommendations and some rather obscure coffee orders I have been left in no doubt of the extent of Chiswick’s passion for coffee. However, the results of the poll are somewhat surprising.

Bearing in mind the eagerness that many residents profess to have in supporting independent traders coupled with the fact that there are so many places on or around the High Road where a cup of coffee can be consumed; the most popular café by quite some way and the third most popular were both chains.

Receiving more than four times as many votes than its nearest competitors, Café Nero came out the clear winner with the words “consistently good” used to describe their coffee time and again.

Classic Image Café Gallery on Devonshire Road who make “a mean cappuccino which manages to be creamy, frothy and tasty from start to finish” tied with Sam’s Bar & Brasserie for second place with the much maligned but evidently still popular Giraffe coming a close third.

It was heartening to see that the other finalists with the exceptions of Carluccios, Maison Blanc and Starbucks were independents including Café Chiswick which received a number of votes and a recommendation for people who like their coffee less potent to “go directly to Café Chiswick for coffee which is beautiful, flavourful and not too dark”

Many coffee loving parents cast their votes for The Natural Café, with one mother saying “The atmosphere is so friendly, there is a play corner for kids and even kids menu. Even my toddler who is 21 months insists in going in there every time we walk past it!”

Below is a table of the top choices (runners up in alphabetical order).

1st place

Café Nero

High Road

2nd place =

Classic Image Café Gallery

Devonshire Road

2nd place =

Sam’s Bar & Brasserie

Barley Mow Passage

3rd place


High Road


Runners Up

Burlington Café

Chiswick House Grounds

Café Chiswick

High Road

Café Delizia

Chiswick Lane


High Road


Turnham Green Terrace

Grove Park Deli

Fauconberg Road

High Road Brasserie

High Road

La Mirage

High Road

Maison Blanc (closed until Oct '07)

Turnham Green Terrace

Natural Café

High Road


High Road

Theobroma Cacao

Turnham Green Terrace

May 4, 2007