Chiswick Pub Boss Earns Thousand Times More Than His Staff

Chairman / employee pay divide the largest in the country

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A survey published this week of FTSE 100 companies has revealed a huge pay gap between company bosses and their employees.

Whilst the average boss to employee pay ratio stands at 66:1 based on basic pay (ie. not including share packages), the greatest divide is between the boss of Punch Taverns Giles Thorley and his staff.

According to a report in the Standard, Thorley, whose company owns Chiswick pubs Packhorse & Talbot, Bulls Head, City Barge (pictured above) and The Tabard earns a staggering £11,271,000 whilst his bar staff and management teams earn an average of little more than £9,800 - 1149 times less than the company's chairman.


August 31, 2007