Another One Bites The Dust

Mow's becomes the latest casualty of Chiswick's restaurant scene

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Mow's became the latest casualty of Chiswick's restaurant scene this week after baliffs took over the premises on Monday.

The closure takes this year's total to six including the High Road's Goodness, Est Est Est, Libation and Garni (both on the same site).

According to a survey carried out by Harden's London Restaurants guide, the number of restaurant closures has risen dramatically not just in Chiswick but across the whole of London.

The guide says the rate of closures is more severe now then in the recession of the early 1990s.

"Even allowing for the fact that the London restaurant scene is much bigger now than it was in the early 90s, the proportionate rate of closures, at about 10%, is much higher than 10 years ago, when it peaked at around 6%," said Peter Harden.

He added that the rise in closures showed that people were increasingly unwilling to accept "second best" when they ate out. "Diners will no longer stomach indifferent food and sloppy service and newcomers need to maintain high standards from the outset to survive."

But that doesn't have seemed to have been the case with Mow's whose demise has been met with sadness not displayed when other establishments failed. Although some local felt it was too out of the way whilst others blamed the 'goldfish bowl' style restaurant (which had to be on the ground floor to conform with disabled access guidelines).

Whatever the reason, Chiswick has lost another independent restaurant and with it another small part of it's uniqueness.

November 9, 2007