Unique Personalised Health and Fitness At Studio G14

Emma Brophy discovers the pain is worth the gain in her quest to get fit for Christmas


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The Studio G14 team is made up of Joe Read BSc (Hons) - 1st Class Degree in Physical Education and Sports Science from Loughborough University as well as a Premier Diploma in Personal Training, Nutrition and Sports Massage Therapy, REPS Level 3 Advanced Instructor, Spinning and Boxercise Instructor and six years Personal Training experience.

Ben Read - BTEC Sports Science Diploma (Distinction) Premier Diploma in Personal Training, Nutrition and Sports Massage Therapy, Premier Advanced Personal Training Diploma, REPS Level 3 Advanced Instructor and also has six years Personal Training experience

Ivor Cradock - Premier Diploma in Personal Training and Sports Massage Therapy. He is a British Association for Cardiac Rehabilitation Phase IV Instructor, a REPS Level 3 Advanced Instructor, a Spinning and Boxercise Instructor and has five years Personal Training experience.

Nathan Carter - Physiotherapist, BSc in Physiotherapy (Auckland, 1994), State Registered Physiotherapist (SRP), Member of Chartered Society of Physiotherapists (MCSP), Recognised by all insurance companies.

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Countless articles claim to be able to get you "fit and looking fabulous in just a week" or that it's possible to lose a stone by "eating what you want". But of course we know, however much we want to believe them, that such programmes are simply not practical - or healthy for that matter.

So how can a 37 year old working mother of three get herself to a level of health and fitness needed for her busy life? It was the question I posed when the guys at Studio G14 asked me to come and check out their new venture.

Verging on the side of cynical, I thought that going to the gym a few times a week and occasionally remembering to watch what I eat was all I could do. Why would I need a personal trainer when I was already doing what I thought was close to my best?

Not for the first time with things I've greeted with initial cynicism I have been proven wrong. Over the past two weeks, I have discovered that there is much more to fitness than simply pounding the treadmill and refusing the odd chocolate biscuit and I will give the entire credit to Studio G14's Joe, Ben, Nathan and Ivor.

Founded by brothers Joe and Ben, Studio G14 a unique personalised health and fitness service which can include all or some of the following: Personal training, Sports massage, Nutrition, Physiotherapy, Pilates, Biomechanical Analysis, Exercise psychology, Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Cardiac Prevention and Rehabilitation and Injury Rehabilitation.

Sounds impressive but what does it all actually mean? "We deliver a high quality, personalised service to a small number of clients, in exclusive surroundings that focuses on delivering results-based training’" explains Joe.

"We’ve assembled a team of highly qualified and experienced exercise and health professionals. We combine our expertise and all work together to ensure you’re successful in achieving your goals.”

“The emphasis is on one to one training to ensure every session is safe and effective to bring about maximum results. The essence of our service is that each person is unique, just as their thumb print is. You have your own needs, desires and requirements and our training and nutritional programme must reflect this in order to be effective.”

Studio G14 is very different from a generic health club. Indeed clients only come to the studio for their training sessions which means there it is never crowded and there is never any time wasted waiting for equipment to become free.

“We only allow 1-3 people at time to train which ensures that your session remains private. All our equipment is brand new and laid out in a light, bright, spacious studio. There are two showers on site as well as a Café that provides freshly prepared, healthy and nutritious food and drink. Clients also benefit from free parking.”

Before I could get started on a programme, I had to complete a three stage assessment to collect as much detailed information as possible. This information was then used to design a bespoke training programme for me. This holistic approach, they believe, significantly increases the likelihood of achieving the desired results and avoiding injury.

I began with a Health and Fitness Consultation which involved noting all relevant health and fitness measurements (blood pressure, height, weight, BMI, circumferences) as well as taking an accurate measure of body composition (body fat, lean tissue and water content) using the scientifically validated Bio-electrical Impedance Analysis – which involved attaching little wires to my right hand and foot for about a minute.

The second stage is a Nutritional Consultation which I was particularly interested in as I eat out a great deal. Exercise does not bring maximum benefit or results without correct nutrition. “The two complement each other,” explained Joe “which is why each client has a full nutrition consultation. This involves the analysis of a three day food diary to assess dietary intake and offer advice as to fundamental nutrition principles. This is essential to ensure better health and an improved physique.”

The final stage of is a Biomechanical and Injury Assessment from which I discovered all sorts of body imbalances like how eleven years of carrying babies on my left hip has resulted in all kinds of weaknesses! Physiotherapist Nathan explains “Biomechanical imbalances and instability can lead to injuries but early assessment and intervention can prevent injuries and save a lot of time out of action. This biomechanical assessment system gauges you statically and dynamically so that any possible weaknesses are identified before the programme begins.”

With all the assessments out of the way I began my first stage of what we decided to call “Looking fabulous for Christmas” which means sticking to the programme. I have given clearly defined goals which include weight loss (no I’m not revealing how much!), following the principles of the balanced healthy eating plan as discussed in my nutritional consultation, limiting alcohol consumption (though not a word of having to give it up hurrah!) following my tailor made stretching programme to remove muscular imbalances and promising to train for a minimum of four sessions per week – three in the gym and my precious walk along the Thames towpath on Saturday mornings.

All great in theory but only with the unstinting enthusiasm and support of Joe, Ben, Nathan and Ivor have I stuck to it in practice and am already beginning to see the benefits. I won’t lie and say I don’t ache after my early morning training sessions but my energy levels have vastly improved (and my eating habits too) and I'm looking more toned and svelte already. But of course there is still room for improvement and when it comes to encouragement, motivation and instilling determination the Studio G14 guys are worth their weight in gold.

For me the greatest advantage of training like this is the fact that I know there is no way I would ever push myself like these guys push me - Ben even says please when he asks me to do a second set of push ups! The sense of achievement is intoxicating, it would have to be for me to be up, out and on that treadmill for 7.00am!


Emma Brophy


November 28, 2007