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We check out Chiswick Park’s Coffee Station

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We decided that a coffee shop was probably the only business that could survive on this particular site which has seen more than its fair share of enterprises try and fail.

I am referring to the small premises adjacent to Chiswick Park’s railway bridge which recently reopened as The Coffee Station.

The new owners have transformed the former retail outlet into a slightly more upmarket version of a traditional workman’s café offering bacon sarnies and sausage rolls alongside toasted panninis and soup of the day.

Feeling adventurous I persuaded four of my colleagues to deviate from our regular lunchtime hangout of Pete’s Cafe and give The Coffee Station a go.

Most were glad they did although those who had their bacon in baguettes (as opposed good old toast in Pete’s) accused the baguettes of being baked from frozen rather than fresh.

The toasted ciabatta oozing with melted cheese was pronounced perfectly palatable as was the chicken and coleslaw even though that too came in a below par baguette.

The coffee was very acceptable - we sampled just about every version on offer amongst the five of us - and well priced at £1.60 a cup and the Lunch Special of a sandwich, a bag of crisps (Burt’s hand cut no less!) and a can of drink priced at £3.00 was also good value.

Although none of us would qualify, I was rather taken with the ‘Senior Special’ which offers half price tea and coffee between 2.00pm and 4.00pm.

Lunch for five came to £15.50.

A perfect spot to pick up a pick-me-up before boarding the tube but not certain that The Coffee Station offers enough difference to entice customers up from the High Road or, as in our case, further than Acton. That said it's a great addition to Chiswick Park's parade of shops and hopefully won't go down the same road as Glint did, a place that's only missed when it's gone.

Emma Brophy

January 29, 2009