Ramsay Sued For Peanuts

Another week, another pr fiasco for the beleaguered celebrity chef

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Another week, another pr fiasco for Gordon Ramsay who this time is being sued by food company Nibblers UK for allegedly not paying his bills.

According to newspaper reports, the company who supply Ramsay's London gastropubs, including The Devonshire in Chiswick, with nibbles, are owed more than £1,000.

Last week it was revealed that food for the Devonshire and three of Ramsay's other restaurants in London was actually prepared at a production site in Clapham. A fish-cake portion costing the restaurant £1.92 was sold at restaurants at a price of £11.25.

"If he marks his products up so much it's surprising he can't afford to pay peanuts," the Daily Express quoted a spokesman for Nibblers as saying.

A rep for Ramsay refused to comment.

May 3, 2009