Old Mead's triumph over feisty Albanians

Amateur Football Combination Premier Division - Albanian 1 Old Meadonians 5


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Old Meadonians

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Third placed Albanian’s lack of composure and discipline tried the patience of a firm but fair referee and played into Old Meadonians’ hands to give Monday evening’s visitors to Chase Lodge a comfortable boost to their quest for a record breaking sixth term at the top.

The hosts showed themselves capable of giving Meads a run for it by taking the lead with a well taken thirty yard lob which caught Lee Coneybear off his line on ten minutes.

Ten minutes later Albanian virtually sold the pass when their keeper advanced out of his area for a loose ball, panicked at the presence of Meads’ Kevin Quinn and, instead of kicking clear, suicidally tried to smuggle the ball away using both hands and departed the field early.

Albanian’s decision to put their goal scorer in goal was a compounding error as, well as the deputy keeper played, the hosts were deprived of an influential outfield player they could ill afford to lose. From then on the tide flowed with the visitors and, although on an unforgiving pitch Meads’ defence was unsteady and Albanian were still to have chances, there was little danger of upset.

On the half hour Quinn headed in Jack Costello’s free kick for the equaliser and just before half time the persistence of Ryan Russell enabled him to poke Meads in at half time with a narrow lead. Within five minutes of the restart a quickly taken free kick from Quinn gave Meads a cushion and, since by then the ref had another three names in his book, it was a matter of how many the visitors would get.

The next was the pick of the bunch. Costello’s free kick from wide on the right was struck deep to the far post where central defender Alex Hugh Jones’ late run culminated in a thunderous header. In the absence of injured striker Colin Hawkins, it was the tireless work of Ed Glover and Albert Adomah up front which laid the foundation for this comprehensive win and it was heartening to see a welcome return to form by Glover in particular.

They were admirably supported by Quinn and a resurgent Costello. Quinn was rewarded when with ten minutes to go he took the ball from half way and out paced the defence on the right to plant a firm cross shot into the far corner. Meads still have the daunting task of winning their last six matches, including one with the leaders Hamptonians, if they are to triumph but the chase is on. Kevin Quinn shaded the MoM award.

Meads: Coneybear, Hanley, Salanson, Hugh Jones, Russell, Bond, Costello, Quinn, (Wapshott), Rhone, Adomah, Glover.


April 26, 2006