Chiswick Crash Out of Intermediate Cup

Rugby Result : Enfield Ignatians 31 Chiswick 18

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Both teams played well in increasingly wet conditions, and Chiswick can take some satisfaction in recovering well towards the end after a dreadful start to the second half. With the wind behind them in the first half, Chiswick were able to keep out the heavier Enfield team, who had territorial advantage for most of the half by dint of making greater yardage per player when in possession.

Chiswick started well, with Keith Luckman soon kicking a good penalty from well out on the left. Luckman was playing after a cry-off by Simon Hallett, who apparently had been carrying an unsuspected injury. With the defences generally on top, Jon Joyce proving a good replacement for the injured Ben Kelly, neither team could create a decisive break, although Chiswick were reprieved by a forward pass decision near the corner flag. Chiswick’s first real concerted attack, started by Adie Lewis, ended when Sam Biss’s fingertips failed to grasp a pass as he straddled the wrong-footed defender.

Chiswick were having difficulty getting the ball out fast from their own scrums, and even when Fletcher broke cleanly away from the base of the scrum the support was too slow to get the ball out quickly to the winger. Chiswick had Fletcher yellow-carded with ten minutes of the half to go, but Joyce snaffled the home ball at the tail of the ensuing lineout. The same player then made a surging break from mid-field to the home 22 after picking up at the base of the scrum, only to be buried under home defenders before he could get the ball out. Chiswick kept pressing, and were rewarded with an offside decision, which Luckman converted into three points on the dot of half-time.

Chiswick’s six-point lead was brief. A long kick into the Chiswick half rolled into touch, and Enfield for once took a rather clumsy possession from the Chiswick throw. The decision to maul forward proved spot on, the home pack eventually crossing the line and touching down. A good kick added the points. A penalty kick followed, from the same spot and the same result. Luckman was then propelled twenty yards upfield by the Chiswick pack after being tackled in possession. The eventual break by the forwards was deemed, unfortunately, to include a forward pass. Enfield then produced the slickest attack of the game, including a beautiful slipped pass through the defender, the left winger running round behind the posts to round it off. 17-6, and Chiswick were struggling.

Enfield’s version of Hodgson then charged down a 22 drop-out by the unfortunately-named Luckman, beating two Chiswick players to the touchdown, which was under the posts. 24-6. Enfield had the bit between the teeth now, and a bout of short charges by their burly forwards ended with a Chiswick player being carried, together with a safely-grasped ball, back over the try line. 31-6. Stung by this, Chiswick came back in style, Fletcher and Rowan Tonkin steaming up-field, Lewis carrying on the attack, and the ball then going along the line for Josh Noble to score. Chiswick then had the final say, with another concerted attack ending with a try for Jason Perfect, well converted by Luckman.


Chiswick team :- Tonkin, Biss, Davies (Joubert), Hood, McCullun (Addison), Adams, Joyce (Spencer), Fletcher, Vannini, Luckman, Gavin ( Hallewell ), Gibson, Noble, Lewis, Perfect


February 20, 2012