Want To Look Better, Lose Fat And Get Into Shape?

Sound advice from West4 Gym's Paul Lovelace

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What do you think you need to do to look better, lose fat and get in to shape?

Lots of cardio, a little weight training and a bit of dieting?

A good start but what you actually need to do is focus on the diet, second the weight training and then the cardio. Bodies after all are made in the kitchen.

The two types of fat we need to look at are subcutaneous on the outside and visceral on the inside.

There are hundreds of books on dieting, and we won’t go into that particular mine field, let's instead look at the how you should tackle the training.

Weight training is the most effective way of reducing subcutaneous fat, most of us will find it to grab around our stomach especially after Christmas.

As for visceral fat, which sits around your organs a cardio programme would work best at making you fitter on the inside. Now if you’re brand new to exercise or starting again from a long lay off, I would recommend beginning with the stationary bike, cross trainer etc, to build a bit of stamina and burn as many calories as you can and then start a weight training programme. Then it simply becomes a 1 2 3 programme, diet, weight training and cardio.

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Paul Lovelace West 4 Gym


January 31, 2014