Is Your Rented Property Being Managed Well Enough?

Acara Management offer a private property management service

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Property management in London is extremely important for any discerning landlord, especially with the increasing number of laws Landlords must adhere to, and these are going to increase in the near future. Estate agents however can often be expensive and poor value for money; have they visited the property; have they met the tenant; have they met you? We don't believe a property can be effectively managed sitting at a desk.

Acara Management was born out of the need for a more personalised management service; with an experienced agent who cares and who will visit your property. Managing requires a different approach and skill set to the finding of the tenant, so as a boutique property management service, we offer more than an estate agent would, for less. We are dedicated to solely managing properties in London and continually strive to maintain our hard earned reputation as a top quality management service. That's why we've set up the Referral System: if you refer another client, your fee is discounted.

We have an established network of contractors and services covering West London, and a wealth of experience in property, specifically in the Chiswick area. We will take videos and photos when we visit a property and send them over to you on email, we always check work is done properly and make sure your tenants feel welcome and valued on property hand-overs. One could say, all things you will struggle to find an estate agent doing. If your portfolio is let by different agents, then consider having us as your one managing agent for the whole portfolio. If you're abroad, or prefer someone to manage your rental property on your behalf - please consider us. If you know anyone who would benefit from our services, please put us in touch. Finally, if you feel your property is not being managed well enough, give us a go and see the difference for yourself.

We charge £75 per month, per property. With no fixed contract period. 5% + VAT on a flat receiving £450 per week is £117 per month, so we're very competitive. Respond to this advert and quote 'chisw4', and we'll give you 20% discount on your first year. So £60 per month, per property. Thanks for reading!

Lucy, from Chiswick said that "Acara took over the management of my properties six months ago. They had previously been under the management of large high street Estate Agents where the bare minimum of standards were not being met. With Acara I have peace of mind that any problems will be dealt with efficiently, with intelligence and common sense. The service is excellent value for money and I know that my investments are protected. I highly recommend this company."

Greg, also from Chiswick said that "After being recommended by a friend I decided to give Acara Management a call and it was one of the best decisions I have made in relation to managing my property. The service so far has been five star and each phone call is always greeted with a friendly voice. It is excellent value for money and a fantastic service to go with; I would not consider using anyone else to manage my property."


April 11, 2013