Paul Cooney's View On The Chiswick Property Market

W4 property market outlook from Horton and Garton


Paul Cooney MNAEA
Chiswick Sales
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We spoke to Horton and Garton's Chiswick Sales Director Paul Cooney on the current state of the W4 property market. He says, "Although the statistics on volume of sales are concerning, the silver lining is that I know many people are sitting on the fence and waiting to see how Brexit pans out before they decide to list their homes for sale. Sellers and buyers don't stop living - they have to get on with their moves whether it be trading up or downsizing. Families grow, parents continue to seek the best schools (and many will move house for the privilege), while large houses become suddenly cavernous for retired locals who would rather lock up and leave to visit family or travel for extended periods. 

My focus is on these local buyers as the power Chiswick's micro-market can't be underestimated. The perennial appeal of the W4 postcode means there will always be movement locally; once you've lived here, it's difficult to imagine yourself living anywhere else. With the local landscape continuously improving thanks to community initiatives such as the Chiswick Timeline, the highly anticipated cinema breaking ground and much-loved independents expanding, Chiswick's appeal continues to grow.  The agents who are making sales happen are having honest conversations with sellers. They also have the intelligence and work ethic to pair willing and able buyers with their next homes. I'm still selling one in three properties off market in a very low volume marketplace because I take the time to get to know each buyer. As a result, when I value a property I know exactly who will buy it before they've set foot through the door. I realise this is a rather obsessive approach but it has stood my clients in good stead meaning 7 in 8 properties I've brought to the market this year have had sales agreed. 

In short, the Mexican standoff won't last forever and the potential sellers who are considering listing will take the plunge and add much-needed stock to the market. It's personally very difficult for me to feel negative about the market because my team is doing very well... we're expanding while other agents are shutting their doors. My focus is on helping locals move locally and that's where I'm having great success."

Hear what Paul's clients have to say about his service: 


“Paul Cooney has sold a couple of houses for me. He's a big character and personality whose level of Brexit-proof optimism is incredible to behold. Importantly, he's a nice chap - frank and honest. In this regard he is head and shoulders above the procession of crooks and chancers I've had the misfortune to encounter from a range of other Chiswick agents.”
- Rob, Chiswick Seller, June 2018

“Paul is true to his word. When he makes a promise, he delivers on it.”
- Francesca, Chiswick Seller, June 2018

“Paul Cooney is easily the best agent we have ever dealt with.” 
- Kate, Chiswick Buyer, June 2018


June 14, 2018

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