Five Things That Keep Landlords Awake at Night

Aggie Tukendorf of Horton and Garton Lettings gives her advice (Ad)

Horton and Garton Lettings aims to help you avoid sleepless nights
Horton and Garton Lettings aims to help you avoid sleepless nights

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As long time letting agents we’ve heard from landlords who have all types of worries surrounding their rental property.

Letting a property in Chiswick shouldn’t be stressful.

Aggie Tukendorf, Lettings Manager at Horton and Garton, explores the 5 things that keep landlords awake at night and shares her suggestions for how to combat these concerns.


Rent is something that can cause a landlord to lose sleep.

Is your rental income enough? Are the tenants going to pay on time? What happens if they don’t pay?

If you’re questioning your rental income and whether your property is achieving an optimal figure you should engage a reputable local letting agent to provide you with an up to date market appraisal, our Chiswick lettings team would be delighted to assist with this.  

In terms of rent collection, landlords have the option of engaging their letting agent to collect the rent on their behalf which can be a relief for those who are concerned about this element of letting a property.

Some landlords might wish to take landlord specific insurance, there are different levels of insurance available, some that include covering the rent in the instance that a tenant doesn’t pay – be sure to read all the small print so you fully understand the circumstances under which insurance will provide support.  

Aggie Tukendorf, Lettings Manager at Horton and Garton
Aggie Tukendorf, Lettings Manager at Horton and Garton


Void periods can also keep a landlord awake at night.

The time between tenancies can be nerve-wracking especially if you have fixed outgoings that rely upon incoming rent.

Working together with a professional letting agent will ensure your tenancies are handled in a timely fashion to avoid gaps.

The Horton and Garton letting team work tirelessly to reduce the risk of void periods for landlords, whilst achieving the greatest outcome in terms of good tenants and an appropriate rental figure.


Property maintenance can be a real bother for certain rental properties, especially with older properties that might require more general upkeep. Management of a rental property can take time, and also cause confusion when it comes to the regular paperwork that is required to ensure a property is legally rentable.

An experienced property management team will oversee maintenance issues, manage communication with tenants and ensure the necessary paperwork is in place and up to date, saving a landlord considerable worry.

If you’re considering using our professional management service our Chiswick property management team, based in Gable House, Turnham Green Terrace , have many years of experience, would welcome the opportunity to alleviate any concerns you might have do reach out and contact Michael Mudie 020 7183 5808


The rules and regulations have changed considerably for landlords in recent years and the way landlords are taxed has changed too.

Whilst it is possible to competently manage your affairs personally if you’re unsure a specialist tax advisor can prove invaluable.

We can provide recommendations to discerning landlords should they wish to seek professional guidance.


Capital appreciation and rental values have both generally followed an upward trajectory over the past decade or so. Whilst growth has been at varying speeds and strength year by year and month by month, the overall direction has been upwards. However, this doesn’t always provide a landlord with comfort as the value of a property can dictate their overall financial position.

To receive an accurate market appraisal for the potential sale value of your rental property, please do get in touch with our sales team, Chiswick Director Paul Cooney would be delighted to assist and is available on 020 8996 5120. Similarly, the Chiswick lettings team can provide you with an up to date rental appraisal.

Chiswick lettings agent

Our Chiswick lettings team can provide a landlord with stress-free solutions to ensure they are not kept awake at night with worry.

If you’d like to explore our services further, our local lettings manager Aggie Tukendorf would be delighted to talk to you about your rental property – please do get in touch .

Horton and Garton Chiswick
Horton and Garton Chiswick



August 6, 2021

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