Chiswick Householders Guide to Cost Savings

Top tips for cutting the energy bill for your house or flat in W4

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An average householder can save over £400 on annual energy bills by implementing some straightforward heating and lighting controls. This is according to the latest guidelines from the Electrical Contractors’ Association (ECA).

Christian Harper of Chiswick estate agent OliverFinn: I’ve yet to meet a buyer who wants a property because of upgraded energy credentials but it can become a point of negotiation later on to chip away at the asking price."

A saving of 19% – equivalent to nearly £108 – on annual electricity bills can be gained by using both internal and external lighting controls and fitting energy-saving light bulbs.

Householders could also shave 59% – equivalent to £300 – off their annual gas bill by using heating and hot water boiler controls, upgrading to a condensing boiler and ensuring room controls such as thermostats are set correctly.

• Effective lighting controls include dimmer switches, motion and daylight sensors and timers.
• Advanced integrated systems include occupancy sensors automated to match the routines of family life.
• Many people leave their immersion heater and boiler turned on, but this in an unnecessary use of energy, and a waste of money.

"For some reason boilers can be a bone of contention with buyers", says Harper, who has many years experience in property in Chiswick, W4. "This is not so much from the point of view of saving energy though. Buyers like the reassurance of a new boiler which is more likely to be up to the job."

Grants for householders

These help soften the initial investment in energy-saving technology:
Warm Front - a government-funded initiative, managed by Eaga, which can provide up to £3,500 (or £6000 if oil central heating is recommended) to improve energy.


June 1, 2010